Attend any one day and participate in all of the events we offer for that day.  This is a great way to attend occasionally or even check out our center for a day.  If you plan to attend even once a week, you'll save money with a Club Pass.


This is a great way to spend time at our center and just have fun!  Come in from 6p-8p Monday - Friday or 11a-3pm on Saturdays and participate in any of our games, clubs or educational sessions.  This plan does not allow you to join an XP League team, or participate in Sensei led coding sessions, but you can participate in any XP League practice session and possibly even fill in as a substitute if a team is short a player.


Ready Up!  XP League includes everthing in the Club Pass, but also allows you to join up to 2 teams for season play.  This plan also includes coaching as well as the ability to participate in XP League extras such as mid-split tournaments, Pro Ams, Regionals and (most importantly) North American Finals!


This is Code Ninjas!  Not only can you be a sniper in XP League, but you can be a Ninja in the coding realm.  This is our top tier plan that includes everything we offer.   Code Ninjas allows your child to explore their inner Ninja and learn how to code by building games and having fun.  Ninjas will work in our center with our Senseis who will help and guide them.  This plan also includes expanded weekday hours to allow them quiet time to learn how to code before the fun explodes at 6pm.  Our Ninjas can come into the Dojo as often as they like Mon-Fri from 4p-8p and Saturdays from 11a-3p.




Ready Up!  Join XP League as we partner with Localhost gaming arena to bring you the ultimate gaming experience.  Become part of the largest youth esports league in North America and receive a pro-level experience while developing lasting life-skills.  Join a team and work with coaches to try and earn a spot in our North American Finals event that happens once a year.